evening excercise

 When you start your workout with the basics at the back of your head, you are likely to succeed.   Without courage, you will never make it out of your coach when everyone is giving you contradicting information on what you should or should not do.  You should remember that the first day is the hardest of all and you once you have that behind you the rest is a piece of cake.  Ensure your goals are achievable for someone at your level so that you do not end up quitting because of disappointment.

 Fitness is not a once in a lifetime event but rather a habit.  You should be consistent in working out for your mind and even body to react to the changes.  The least number of times you go to the gym every week should be 3-4.  For those who are exercising at home, the time used in exercise can be tracked in minutes which should not go below 150.   Building good workout habits take time and you should not beat yourself up when you fall out of habit but rather pick from where you left and continue. Know about Ryan Spiteri here!

One way of learning is by observation especially for beginners but there is danger in copying people who are not doing the workout correctly.  Ensure you are lifting what your body can handle at that particular moment to avoid injuries.  The first step in lifting should be the isolation of muscles and selection of the right techniques, exercises and even angles in building them as well as toning. The better your contraction during lifts, the more the muscle you are targeting will grow. If you can contract the various muscle groups well, you will be able to grow them fully.   Do not use the hips in moving weights but squeeze your muscle in order to stimulate them. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscle_hypertrophy to learn more about bodybuilding.

You should not overly rely on magazines or online articles at https://ryanspiteri.com/8-week-transformation-program/ in working out.  Also, focusing on one type of exercise in order to work on a specific muscle is a wrong approach.   Compound lifts are the best in workouts and they include shoulder presses, lunge, squat, bench presses, bent-over row and even deadlift.  Take good care of your spine while exercising because once you compromise it, you can forget about exercising.  There is no need to assume a bad posture just because you are desperate to hit your target.  For the best posture, arch the back slightly, push your chest up and let the head and neck rest in a neutral position.  Work on getting a strong core and you will get a healthy spine.  A weak core means there is no support for the spine.   You can witness body and mind transformation in 2 months once you apply these techniques.

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